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What is your favourite place ?

What is your favourite place ?
15th May 2019 Admin

Hi guys… just reading posts on Linked In this morning and someone was asking this question – What is your favourite place ?  As you can see from the photo, one of the lambs I was bottle-feeding a couple of months ago has found her favourite place in our garden. Whatever I seem to do, I can’t get her to stay in the field with our other lambs. If I take her back to her brothers and sister, later in the day I find her back in the garden…… My favourite place is our small-holding on Anglesey. The country-side is so beautiful…… it is such a relaxing place to live…… away from the city…….. no nine to five, just being with my animals……. oh and Ron, too !!!  So go on then……… where is your favourite place ?


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