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Thinking about having a donkey (or two) on our small-holding

Thinking about having a donkey (or two) on our small-holding
2nd May 2019 Admin

One of the reasons Ron and I decided to live on a small-holding was so that we could keep animals. In particular, it was so that I could have some animals (rather than Ron !) ….. As you will all know, we now have our gorgeous piggies…. at the moment we have six boars and a sow with nine piglets; we have two ewes (Tumble and Pocket – both bottle fed and now 5 years old); Thyssen the ram; and eight lambs (four bottle-fed – you may have seen the photos) . And, of course, there is also Millie, our 16 year old cat, rarely seen but always heard ! As well as Bessie-boo-boo, our white staffie (always heard and seen) and, last and definitely not least, Bella, our beautiful kelpie collie.

But, there’s room for more animals on a 12 acre small-holding isn’t there ?? So when I came across the article about keeping donkeys on a small-holding yesterday, I couldn’t resist posting it on Facebook. And there was a lot of interest from you.

Realistically, we need additional animal accommodation … the shop and café have taken over the stable block ! So, we are looking for a wooden stable, probably on “skids” to accommodate any more animals, especially in the bad weather, should they need it … We’ve started looking at a website called Stable Direct……  but if you know of any other websites selling wooden stables, do let us know …….. and in due course…… you never know…… there could be donkeys at  Bryn Celyn………. Margaret x


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