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The stable is on its way…. just in time for Christmas

The stable is on its way…. just in time for Christmas
7th November 2019 Admin

A few months ago, I told you that I was thinking about getting a couple of donkeys… but I didn’t have the accommodation… Last week, Ron and I went over to Northwich to a firm called Stables Direct to have a look at what they had on offer……  They had lots of different options, basically you decided on how many stables you wanted and how much storage etc and they bundled it all up into a quote… We’ve decided to go for three stables and one large storage area. The stable will be located at the bottom of the field down from the shop. You’ll be able to see it as you drive in….. It’s going to be delivered before Christmas……. This part of the field is a bit untidy.. so today, Ron is working with our lovely Bella to clear away all the old fence posts and so on……. But …..                                                  what about animals ? Donkeys ? Haven’t made up my mind yet…….. any more suggestions… In the meantime, if the weather gets bad, I’ve somewhere to shelter my bottle-fed sheep who are nearly a year old now !!! Take care, speak soon Margaret


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