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Supper club – Spring 2020

Supper club – Spring 2020
30th October 2019 Admin

Hi all, I haven’t had time to blog for ages but now that we are open weekends only, I’ve found a few minutes to chat to you. This summer, Ron and I have had great success with the Sunday lunches and the afternoon teas. We’ve had steady bookings all year for these. Ron enjoys preparing tasty, great looking food……. and I enjoy making tables look attractive (if you have any ideas about rustic table settings, please drop me a line). Anyway, the purpose of this blog is to let you know that we have a few plans for Spring 2020. One of our key developments will be a supper club. We haven’t opened in the evening yet… but we think that some of you might like the idea. We will probably open on a Friday evening... not sure, but maybe February (we have a little bit of building work to do in the shop !!! not telling !!!). We haven’t firmed up the details yet…. but….. the supper club will start with a short demonstration where Ron will do some cooking…… for example… how to make your own corned beef…. then we will all enjoy a meal together which will include the dish Ron has demonstrated. Hopefully, we can all relax and have a laugh at Ron’s old jokes ! Ron is quite keen for others to get involved if they want to, also !! If you would like to demonstrate or are willing to give Ron a hand, let us know ! You all know that I don’t cook, so I will just be eating and opening the wine !!! Part of the inspiration for this, is that some of you have said that there aren’t too many evening events on this part of Anglesey….. so hopefully, this will fill a gap. Ron and I will work up the plans as time goes on and advertise it on Facebook and to those of you who have agreed to let us email you now and then – if you want to go on our mailing list just email us and let us know. Would be good to have your thoughts. Margaret x


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