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Starting a business at 60 !

Starting a business at 60 !
7th May 2019 Admin

A few months ago, I blogged about starting a business at 60. This blog attracted quite a bit of attention from people who were considering doing the same !

I’ve been on quite a learning journey for the last 8 or so years… I’d always worked in the public sector until the age of 55, and always wanted to start a business of my own but just got caught up in building a career in education. However, Ron gave me the push I needed to set up my own education consultancy business in 2012. Whilst I am still working in education – about a day per week – I’m enjoying our commercial business – the farm shop – so much more. OK, a salary doesn’t arrive in the bank account automatically on the same day every month, regardless of the amount of work you have or have not done….. but I get such a lift when something in the business Ron and I set up actually works ! So, for example, the pork pies have given us a great start, the Sunday lunches are really successful….. the courses are doing really well… Grill Cider Sunday with Jaspels is attracting new customers…… the café/bistro is developing… all of this is based on what Ron and I have planned.

We’ve had an advantage on younger people who are starting a business……..we’ve been able to use the knowledge, skills and understanding that we’ve acquired over the years, we can better understand and withstand risk… There have been disadvantages, too: we are frustrated that we don’t have the energy to work 12 hour days and then go out socialising ! Long term planning isn’t an option……… But it continues to be great fun !!

Ron and I have learned so much in the last four or five years about setting up a small-holding and a farm shop. We are happy to share our experiences with anyone who is interested in doing something similar – at any age. Just give us a call if you would like a conversation…. For those of you who need some in-depth discussions, please take a look at our website

That’s all for now ! I’ll blog again soon !


  1. Chris Barrie 2 years ago

    It’s great to see what you have both done and hoping to do . Lovely couple, so keep up the good work…..and make sure you have some chill time too x

  2. Lynne Humphreys 2 years ago

    Really inspiring to read your blog. You have gave me some encouragement!
    Good luck for the future. Will be coming to visit your farm shop.
    Kind regards
    Lynne Humphreys

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