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Recipe book review: “Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients”

Recipe book review: “Jamie Oliver 5 Ingredients”
25th March 2020 Admin

We are all “social-distancing” – but one thing we can do is cook. It’s an indoor activity, isn’t it ? So, now and again, I’ll be reviewing cookery books for you.  If you don’t have Ron to cook for you at Bryn Celyn, then the least you can do is cook great food for yourself at home.


Thought that I’d start with this great book which we have at home – Jamie Oliver 5 ingredients. I love it because you are not expected to have a lot of ingredients in your cupboards for each and every recipe….. Jamie presents us with tried and tested recipes which have only 5 main ingredients (and his pantry also consists only of five more items – salt, black pepper, olive oil and red wine vinegar). Even I (Margaret) can cope with locating these ingredients in Ron’s kitchen !!!

And, yes, you really do only need five more ingredients to make some tasty dishes.

Ron asked me to choose what I wanted for tea the other

evening. As you can see from the photo on the right, I chose quite a lot of these dishes……..

This recipe book is easy to follow. It is divided into quite a few sections – salads, pasta, eggs, chicken, fish, veg, beef, pork, lamb, rice, noodles and sweet treats.

They are not huge dishes – but they are tasty.

What I thought that I might do for you is to take a look at a couple of recipes in the salad section and the pasta section. So here goes…….

This is Salmon Nicoise……..

To make this dish, you only need a salmon fillet, some green beans, two large eggs, some black olives and some Greek yoghurt. Jamie explains how you prepare this dish clearly and succinctly… Even, I can understand how to do it (Ron laughs loudly in the background !!) He steams the salmon, but doesn’t expect you to have a steamer…… tells you how to do this using a colander…… and l love what he does with the yoghurt and olives……..mmmm ! You’ll have to buy the book for that detail !!

For each recipe, the calorie count is provided as is the amount of fat, saturated fat, protein carbs, sugar, salt and fibre…… so you know what you are eating……

Then…… crispy smoked mackerel

This recipe is really quick to make….. just 10 minutes……. that’s my kind of recipe…. You know that Ron will spend hours in the kitchen even just to make a Saturday night supper…….. let’s just say that I prefer to get food ready a little bit more quickly……. The ingredients are things that Ron and I are likely to have in the fridge most of the time…… smoked mackerel fillets, beetroot, watercress, horseradish sauce and natural yoghurt…….. Some of Jamie’s recipes use ingredients which are a little more unusual, but there are plenty of recipes in this book which use common and garden items… The only bit of real prep to this dish is that the mackerel needs to be fried until crisp…….mmm.


Now …… to the pasta dishes…..

I’ve chose this one, again, because it is quick and very easy. Believe it or not, it will take you only fifteen minutes. This is a feature of all of the recipes in the book. Great for reluctant cooks like me !

Ingredients are, again, what you might have in your kitchen and fridge during the week – tagliatelle, sausages, parsley, eggs and parmesan cheese……… Great for me, as I like cheese. Great for Ron as he prefers meat. Lovely mid-week supper.



I had to include this one, Tuna pasta…….

Simple ingredients…… pasta shells, capers, cherry tomatoes (I daresay tomato slices would be ok, but the cherry ones are so….. sweet), oregano and a tin of tuna. Really straightforward ingredients. Simple process……. even I can manage this one…… cook the pasta, fry the capers…… just mixing ingredients after that, pretty much. Really easy.

Here’s the link to the book. Hardcopy is £13.00. The kindle version is £9.99.

If you decide to buy the book, send me some photos of what you cook……… and I’ll post them up on FB

Happy cooking, Margaret xxxx





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