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Bryn Celyn Artisan Kitchen opened in a stable block in 2017

Call in to buy our handraised pork pies, savouries and cakes

Stay a while to enjoy our chef’s freshly-made breakfast and lunch

Ron’s background is in building. He completed an apprenticeship as a bricklayer and went on to have his own business. Because of his love of cooking, Ron retrained as a chef at the age of 58 and is Level 3 qualified. He has worked in a five star restaurant in the north east of England. Ron has oversight of the kitchen and café aspects of the farm shop business which he set up and runs with his wife, Margaret.

Together, the couple started selling from the gate in 2013, then selling from the house in 2014. Early in 2017, they converted a stable block on their land into a farm shop and artisan kitchen. By spring 2018, they had opened a small café in the stable block and a cookery school was up and running.

Our Location…
Bryn Celyn Farm shop is located on a beautiful 12 acre small-holding, half of which is ancient woodland. The Afon Goch (Red River) runs along the southern perimeter of the property down the scenic Dulas estuary. In our fields we have seen stoats, foxes, pheasants, partridge, little egrets, woodpeckers, bull finches, lots of rabbits and hares. In our woods we have seen owls and red squirrels. In the river and our ponds, we have seen ducks, otters, heron, salmon and trout. It is rumoured that a Welsh dragon lives deep in the wood in a cave by the river bank…. Bryn Celyn is a truly beautiful and magical place……. A place to come and relax, to escape the demands of the 21st century and place where you can take life at an easier pace…….

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