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When Bryn Celyn Farm Shop closed down, Margaret kept on blogging ……… and blogging !

Grab a cuppa and enjoy the read !

Hi, I’m Margaret and this is my personal/lifestyle blog.

I started posting in the summer of 2019.  In the early posts, I tracked the lifestyle change my husband and I made from living in a townhouse in suburbia, to living in a white-painted bungalow on the beautiful island of Anglesey. You can read this story in the blogs which I have already published.

We opened our farm shop on the smallholding in 2017 and had great time building it up and opening the cafe. However, we closed it when the Corona virus took hold in the UK, and at a time when the local council were making it difficult for us to expand our successful venture.

Most of you who have subscribed to this site were our much-loved customers……… Ron and I are now embarking on projects new. Would you expect anything else from us ????

I’m enjoying blogging so much that I am continuing to write about our lives here at Bryn Celyn, our beautiful smallholding on Anglesey ……. I am writing about topics such as rural life, semi-retirement, changing your life and lifestyle, self-sufficiency, animals, food, cookery as well as entrepreneurship and the skills of resilience, adaptability, self-reliance, creativity and aspiration.  I share with you my feelings, my philosophy, my reflections………. I do hope you will enjoy the read !

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