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From suburbia – to utopia on our small-holding. Ron and Margaret’s story !

From suburbia – to utopia on our small-holding. Ron and Margaret’s story !
10th December 2019 Admin

Once upon a time, Margaret (moi!) was born in a mining village called Easington Colliery in County Durham. The village was Image result for photos of easington colliery miners strike.the site of huge unrest during the miners’ strikes of the 1970’s and 1980’s.  The village’s other claim to fame is that it was  where the film “Billy Elliott” was set. The street in the photo (left) was in the film. I didn’t stay in Easington but went off to university when I was 18 to study French and German ….  I spent the long, hot summer of 1976 in Freiburg in Germany.


Someone else was in Germany in the summer of 1976……. my future husband….

He was one of the real-life Auf Wiedersehen Pet bricklayers…….. who spent much of his time living on a pig farm there (!)

Those of you who visit our farm shop and know Ron – can you guess which one  he is ??? (Not the one in the skirt !)

No, Ron and I didn’t start our romance in Germany in 1976 (don’t think we would have still been together today !!!!) …… We met in 2007 in Sedgefield, County Durham….

So how did we get from a suburban housing estate

where everyone left for work at 7.30am and returned at 5pm…… and didn’t know their neighbours……



TO THIS ????? Living on Anglesey, on a 12 acre small-holding, having set up our own farmshop and bistro in a converted stable ????

Converted stable – artisan kitchen, farm shop & seating for seventeen.





Keep following us, and we’ll blog some more and tell you about the journey….

PS Ron is the one second from the left !


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