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Entrepreneurship isn’t a dirty word !

Entrepreneurship isn’t a dirty word !
27th May 2019 Admin

Last week, Radio Cymru telephoned me. They asked if I wanted to comment on the closure of large businesses on Anglesey…….. The journalist had picked up on a tweet of mine which I’d published in January this year…… “Wylfa suspension, Rehau closure will have huge impact on the economic wellbeing of Anglesey’s youth. Anglesey businesses, how can we help young people develop skills to become successful entrepreneurs, securing their & Anglesey’s economic futures? Ideas ? E: bryncelynanglesey@gmail. com” ..……. They were focussing on the closure of the businesses and missed the real point of my tweet which was about the fact that we should develop entrepreneurial skills in our young people so that they are not reliant on full-time employment for their economic survival. When I explained the focus of my tweet. They lost interest……….

There is now no “job for life”. I am probably one of the few people who have had a “job for life”. Even education – my previous line of work – promises that no more.

Today – the question is….. why isn’t there a stronger focus on entrepreneurial skills… ? If young people are expected to be more entrepreneurial……  this would build their economic resilience wouldn’t it ? Strengthen the local and national economy ? There are programmes in school eg Young Enterprise, which are useful………. but are accessed by the few….. Curriculum time at Key Stage 4 is provided for young people to study “Business and Enterprise”. This is usually a programme for low attainers ? Where do our  entrepreneurs with real potential access really robust support to accelerate their success on Anglesey…. ? Do we have any idea who our potentially successful business people are in our schools ?

I only had one answer to my January tweet. It was from our local MP…. He suggested that I meet with him to discuss ideas… I replied but he didn’t follow up….. well, it was the day before one of the Brexit votes !!

I suppose my key point is, shouldn’t we support our young entrepreneurs better on Anglesey ?

Just look at the featured image with this blog…….Gaze out to sea…… What fantastic opportunities there are for young people with great business ideas !

See you around !







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