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Thinking of buying a small-holding ?
We provide help, support and advice for new and aspiring smallholders who are not quite sure where to start.

We started a 12 acre small-holding in 2013 in our fifties and sixties with no previous experience. We have had to learn the whole process – from registering a small-holding to selling our meat. We currently keep pigs to supply the farm shop, sheep, have kept chickens, ducks and geese…… We grow soft fruits in our polytunnel and plants to sell in our farmshop…..

If you want to find the answers to questions like…….. how much land do I need ? Is the location important ? Which animals ? How much work is involved in raising chickens, pigs, sheep ? What equipment will I need ?What insurance will I need ?.

We can help you get started. Just give us a call on 01248 410320 or email us at to arrange a telephone consultation or a visit to the Bryn Celyn small-holding.

Thinking of starting an artisan food business ? We canprovide you with the practical information to help you do so.

Our advice is based on current, real experience of setting up a farm shop, bistro and artisan kitchen on our working small-holding.

You might be an aspiring foodie entrepreneur; you might want to share yourpassion for good food AND make a living; you might be looking for a post-retirement business.

Talking to us, you will:

Hear firsthand what works well and what doesn’t – from people who have succeeded in setting up their own artisan business. We will share with you our experience of starting an artisan food business – both the successes and the problems

Learn about essential environmental health and trading standards information. We will provide you with practical information about starting an artisan food business

Have the opportunity of discussing key issues with like-minded people

Begin to develop your own action plan to bring your project (dream !)  nearer to reality

Next steps

If you would like any help in setting up a small-holding or starting your artisan food business, we can arrange for you to spend time with us at Bryn Celyn. Your visit and our conversations will focus on your individual requirements. Two hour visit: £70.00

Payment is required in advance.