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Attention young entrepreneurs on Anglesey – want to use our kitchen ???

Attention young entrepreneurs on Anglesey – want to use our kitchen ???
30th May 2019 Admin

Ron and I were chatting last night about my recent blog about the importance of supporting local young entrepreneurs. Suddenly, Ron jumped up from the couch (quite painful after a hernia operation), disturbed Bella’s reading (!) and said he had an idea (he usually has).

We know that there are quite a few young (and not so young) people on the island who are in the early stages of starting their own food business. It maybe that you are just thinking about starting your own food business and haven’t got around to actually baking or cooking. You are, perhaps, cooking in your domestic kitchen…. or wondering where you can prepare your artisan goodies.

What Ron and I can offer you is the use of our artisan kitchen (when we aren’t using it) to help you try out your recipes or prepare for your events. Of course, we use our kitchen quite a lot (!!!!) but there are times when we do not. In high season, I guess we would have one day per week to offer and weekday evenings. Off season, there would be more time available.

We can’t do this for free – we will need to charge a fee ! But ….. you never know…. we might even be able to sell your products in our shop !!!!

These are initial thoughts based on our conversation last night in front of the TV. If  you are interested, get in touch with our P.A. (seen here in the photo!) on 01248 410320 or email us at

Margaret x

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  1. Lynn 10 months ago

    We have just moved to Angelsey, five days ago to be precise. Having owned a static caravan here for more than fifteen years. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and will definitely be visiting you in the New Year x

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