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Margaret cooks supper !

Margaret cooks supper !
20th November 2019 Admin

You probably know that Bryn Celyn closed last weekend so that Ron could lay the base for the new stable, due to be delivered in December.  He was working outside in the mud, pretty much all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday, too. On Monday evening, I thought that it would be a good idea if I cooked supper for him so he could relax in front of the TV and the log burner with a beer. What could possibly go wrong with such a simple idea….. ????

But as you will know, I rarely switch the oven on. When I do, it is usually just to make toast. Anyway, back to the story………                 I rummaged through some of Ron’s cook books and found Michel Roux’s recipe for Coq au Vin. Chicken in red wine, I thought. What could be easier ? Even if Michel Roux is one of the best French chefs ever….the chicken probably wouldn’t need to marinade overnight ………. as by this time it was mid-afternoon on Monday ?????  Getting all of the ingredients together in our house is not a problem…… as Ron has lots of different herbs and spices, vegetables etc either in the house or in the shop kitchen …….However, it was about five o’clock – and dark – when I realised that I needed bay leaves and fresh rosemary …. so I headed out in the pitch dark of our garden wearing my slippers and a woolly hat and holding a pair of scissors ……. couldn’t find the rosemary – I couldn’t believe that the rosemary bush would uproot itself after dark and move –  so had to ask Ron to find it for me…… so much for his relaxation…. The recipe asked for a whole bottle of full-bodied red to be poured onto the chicken. A whole bottle !!!! I decided that just over half a bottle would do…. Apart from this, I (largely, don’t ask) stuck to the recipe. All was going well, until…….. I fried the onions in Ron’s favourite little griddle pan….. and put the pan down on the plastic chopping board…… only to find that when I went to pick it up a couple of minutes later, the pan had stuck to the board… I decided to own up to Ron immediately about what had happened to his favourite pan and promise to buy him a replacement … he shrugged his shoulders and continued drinking his beer and watching TV……

Back to preparing the supper …….. onions and carrots sweated off, mushrooms fried, mixed with the chicken and marinade…… all of this went into the oven….. Things were progressing nicely…. I had bought some small potatoes to serve with the dish.. all boiling in the pan….. fifteen minutes passed… potatoes were still hard….. twenty…. twenty-five minutes passed …. potatoes were still hard…. after half an hour, I decided that no way could the potatoes still be hard…. so popped them into the colander …. About quarter past six, the meal (tasteless chicken with al dente potatoes) was ready to serve. To his credit, Ron said (when asked if he enjoyed the meal) that it was ok. This is a real compliment from my husband in relation to food.  The moral of the story is …………. every man to his trade (and mine is not cooking). I think (hopefully), I won’t have to cook tea for another few years. Hope you enjoyed the story.


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